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Day hiking tours may be cancelled if the weather is predicted to exceed 37 degrees celsius, or flooding is predicted for this area. A full refund will be given in these cases. Any tour may be cancelled by Red Earth Roaming for reasons outlined in cancellation policies. A full refund will be given in these cases. Red Earth Roaming reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of day tours and charter trips according to weather conditions and any other unforeseen circumstances. Children under the age of seven (7) are not allowed on our day trips due to safety reasons. Adult supervision must be provided at all times for any customers under the age of eighteen (18).



Day tours:

Payment can be made online up to 8 hours prior to departure, or by cash if arranged by phone or email prior. Single seat bookings are priced per person for scheduled tours on the Red Earth Roaming website. They are inclusive of GST and payable in Australian dollars (AUD) via a secure online booking system through the website, incurring a 6% booking fee, over the phone by bank transfer, or in person by cash on request. Goods and services included for each tour are stipulated online.


Private Charter tours:

The private charter quote will outline the method of payment and total fees to be paid. Payments are accepted via bank transfer. Customers must include the description outlined on the invoice  when making the payment. A 20% deposit is required to confirm booking of private charter tours. Full payment must be made no later than one month before the charter tour departure date. If a booking is made 30 days or less before the date of departure, full payment must be made two weeks prior to the departure date to secure the booking. An invoice will be provided to the customer by email. If a payment is not received within the specified period on the quote and invoice, the private charter tour may be cancelled. The customer will be notified by email about the cancellation and will forfeit any deposit paid. The goods and services included in each private charter are stipulated in the quote and itinerary given prior to payment. The customer must pay for all extra goods and services not outlined in the quote and itinerary. The customer will pay the third party service provider directly.



Acceptance of the agreement for private charters is made when the customer provides an email stating their acceptance of the quote and itinerary, and payment of the deposit or full payment is received. If a customer requests any changes outside the agreed scope of the charter booking after it is accepted or confirmed, extra costs may be applicable. If a customer books the private charter on behalf of other guests, they will be the responsible person for ensuring each guest attending the charter is provided a copy of these terms and conditions. They must also provide each person’s full name, contact details and health and dietary information before the charter departs. The charter will not proceed, and no person will be permitted entry to the charter vehicle until this has occurred. If the responsible person will not or cannot travel with the private charter for any reasons, another responsible person must be nominated and fully accept the responsibility for the private charter booking. This nominee must agree not to leave the private charter before returning to the drop-off point set out in the booking. Prices are quoted based on the number of guests. If at any time the number of guests on the private charter falls below the minimum number set by Red Earth Roaming, the charter may be cancelled. The customer may choose to pay the full minimum amount and proceed with the private charter with less people or for less time. By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer warrants that he or she is at least eighteen years of age with full capacity to accept these terms and conditions. Where terms and conditions are accepted by a parent, guardian or person for or on behalf of the customer, the person warrants he or she has full authority to do so. Without limiting anything in these Terms and Conditions, the customer acknowledges and agrees Red Earth Roaming conducts the private charter at the direction and pursuant to the instructions or requirements of the client. Aside from any act or omission by us, including negligence in relation to any activities conducted by us during the private charter, the customer accepts all risk in relation to the private charter and releases and forever discharges Red Earth Roaming from all and any loss, damage or liability (including indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential losses) arising as a result. This includes any claim by a third party arising out of or relating to the private charter or from any delay in completion or delivery of the private charter, for any reason whatsoever and will indemnify and hold harmless Red Earth Roaming from and against all loss, damage or liability, except to the extent any legislation applies and cannot be excluded. this clause applies on the creation of the private charter booking for the customer by Red Earth Roaming, is a continuing separate obligation and survives termination.


It is the customer’s sole responsibility to always be aware of, adhere to and abide by the requirements of the Code of Conduct outlined below. Failure to do so may result in your being removed from the tour at the guide’s discretion, or the tour being cancelled at no liability to Red Earth Roaming after your disembarkation or cancellation of the tour. Respect must be shown by you at all times to the environment, the guide, the tour vehicle, and to the local indigenous culture. Guests are to remain seated and wear a seat belt (where fitted) when the vehicle is in motion. Customers on Red Earth Roaming tours will not litter or interfere in any way with flora and fauna and will not take anything natural from the environment with them. On Red Earth Roaming tours, you may be faced with dangers and challenges that are likely to be greater than those present in your lives at home, resulting in a higher degree of personal risk to yourself. You acknowledge and accept this fact prior to booking a tour with us. Smoking is not permitted on the vehicle or throughout the tour at any location where smoking is prohibited. Anti-social behavior and intoxication by you which creates disturbance to other guests or the guide will not be tolerated, and in this case you may be evicted from the tour at the discretion of the guide. If you choose to leave the tour at any time before arriving at the final drop-off point, you must inform the guide. Transport and other costs incurred from an early departure are at a cost to you, not to Red Earth Roaming. Any damage done to the vehicle or to Red Earth Roaming property will be at a cost to the customer responsible. Personal items brought by customers on tour are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers must always wear shoes whilst on tour except while swimming. The customer will be solely responsible for bringing any essential or recommended items on the tour as outlined during booking. You acknowledge that water bottles, covered shoes, hats and sunscreen are recommended for all tours. Baggage taken on tours must be limited to a minimum, and soft bags only must be taken on multi-day charter tours. The Red Earth Roaming guide oversees decision making in relation to the safety and wellbeing of the group. Any customer who does not comply with these decisions may be asked to leave the tour by the guide. Transport and other costs from an early departure are at a cost to the customer, not to Red Earth Roaming. You are responsible for informing your guide if you have a complaint about your trip so that they have the opportunity to rectify the matter before the conclusion of the tour.


It is compulsory to advise us of any severe food allergies you have at the time of booking your tour. It is solely your responsibility to carry any necessary allergy medication with you on tour. Red Earth Roaming caters for the following special dietary requirements: Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. It is the responsibility of the customer to state these requirements whilst booking. Red Earth Roaming takes no responsibility for not providing for these requirements if they are not clearly stated by the client prior to tour commencement.


All travelers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will be responsible for their care for the entire duration of the tour. For safety purposes, the minimum age for our tours is 7. We have no upper age limit on our tours. Some tours require a high level of fitness, so it is your responsibility to ensure you have read your tour itinerary thoroughly and that you are physically and mentally capable of carrying out your selected tour. We do not have wheelchair access facilities on our vehicle, and our tours are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Once you have made your booking you will receive an email from us confirming your pick-up location and advising you of your pick-up time. We require that you be waiting for the vehicle at exactly that time as we have strict timelines to adhere to and have others on the tour to consider. If you are not at the departure point at the designated time, we will attempt to contact you using the phone number given to us on your booking form. If we are unable to get in touch with you, the vehicle will continue without you with no refund or liability to Red Earth Roaming. Scheduled return time for tours are extremely difficult to adhere to accurately, and are provided as a loose estimate. For day tours you should expect to return no more than an hour later than the time stated on your itinerary. Charter trips can vary more widely and can be changed on request by the participants at the time through consultation with their guide. Tour delays due to circumstances outside of our reasonable control include but are not limited to traffic congestion, unpredictable severe weather conditions, mechanical defects, civil commotion, riots, terrorism, client delays or any other delays. In the event of a notable delay, you will not receive a refund, and Red Earth Roaming will assume no liability for incurred costs or additional expenses to you associated with extreme delays.


In the case of a breakdown or other mechanical defect regarding the tour vehicle, or if for any other reason the tour vehicle can no longer be used prior to or during a tour, Red Earth Roaming reserves the right to substitute the vehicle with that of another company’s to ensure operation of the tour. We assume no responsibility, including for any delays or changes to the itinerary that may result, and will not be required to provide a refund if a substituted vehicle needs to be provided. Our private tour vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to commencement of each tour, including looking for leaks, window and light cracks and functionality, oil, coolant, windscreen wipers and liquid, door and lock function, air conditioning, seats, seat belts, speakers and guide microphone. Any mechanical failure during the tour will (where and when possible) be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible provided there is no safety risk to guests or passengers to ensure the continuation of the tour in a safe manner. In any event it is agreed that we are not liable in any way for any vehicle failure.


Red Earth Roaming requires the first and last names of all passengers traveling with them on tour as well as accurate contact information and details regarding the fitness and health of each client. Failure to provide any compulsory information may result in cancellation of your booking or eviction from the tour, particularly regarding misinformation or witheld information about the client’s health or fitness level. The customer warrants that all information they have provided is true and accurate and no essential information has been withheld. The Customer indemnifies Red Earth Roaming for any losses incurred in any way (including by negligence) as a result of the breach of this contract.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Any personal information provided by you will be used only for purposes associated with the operation of your tour. Red Earth Roaming will not disclose your personal information to any other person except the tour guide responsible for your tour. We will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer the information you have supplied to us. Our online booking system ensures the safety of your personal information.


The client acknowledges and agrees that travel insurance is not included for their tour with Red Earth Roaming, and it is your sole responsibility to take out travel insurance which covers personal liability and injury of any kind, cancellation, loss of luggage and personal effects and medical insurance.

Red Earth Roaming reserves the right to update or alter their Terms and Conditions and fine print at any time. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the most up to date Terms and Conditions that are available on our website.

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