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Traveling with a group of friends, organising a work trip, or just looking for a private getaway? From half day tours to lengthy camping or accommodated trips, we can get creative and come up with something just for you.


For sunrises, connecting with nature, bird watching, stargazing, champagne sunsets, lying on ancient rocks, trekking or meandering in the wild, camping out in swags, immersing yourself in nature, or just getting yourself covered in red dirt and making sand angels in a dry riverbed!


Our experienced local tour guide is professional, caring, very relaxed, informative and loads fun! Tours are carried out at a very causal pace with no rushing and plenty of time to stop and connect with the environment and take in the magnificent scenery in the Red Centre. Call for a chat and let’s see if we can come up with the perfect experience for you!

Prices based on number of guests, distance traveled and itinerary.

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