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Red Earth Roaming tours are not only unique in their style, they are also highly unique to one another.

Please read the details of each tour carefully to ensure they’re suited to your desires and abilities.

Trephina Gorge, East MacDonnell Ranges

East Mac's Adventure

Day Tour

This leisurely day trip through the picturesque East MacDonnell Ranges will take you to some ancient, culturally significant attractions along the way out to the quirky, historic Ross River Resort. We'll give you insight into the formation of these spectacular ranges, their diverse flora and fauna, and take you back in time to when the Aboriginal people of this land not only survived, but thrived in this relentless environment.

Ormiston Gorge Pound Walk, West MacDonnell Ranges

Ormiston Pound Experience

Hike & Day Tour

The West Mac’s Ormiston Pound walk is arguably one of Australia's most spectacular day hikes, covering a variety of stunning landscapes from the wide open spaces of the pound itself to boulder-hopping up the centre of the stunning gorge surrounded by towering quartzite cliffs. For a big day with an early start, you'll be rewarded by achieving the most in-depth experience possible in a single day in the West Mac's.

Ormiston Gorge, West MacDonnell Ranges

Waterholes of the West Mac's

Day Tour (starting October 2024)

There is a lot to see in the beautiful West MacDonnell Ranges, and rushing about to tick boxes may not suit your style. If you’re after a slower-paced day with more time spent relaxing at the heavenly, natural water holes, then this is your tour! Float around and peace out, relax on the sandy river banks, connect with your fellow free spirited wanderers and unwind while your guide takes you that little bit deeper into the heart of these ancient ranges.

Standley Chasm, West MacDonnell Ranges

Private Charter Tours

Design Your Own Experience

For sunrises, connecting with nature, bird watching, sleeping beneath a blanket of stars, champagne sunsets, hugging ancient rocks & giant ghost gums, trekking or just taking meandering in the wild, camping out in swags, immersing yourself in nature, or just getting yourself covered in red dirt and making sand angels in a dry riverbed! Call for a chat and let’s see if we can come up with the perfect experience for you!

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